I began reading at a very young age and never lost the fascination for it. I read science fiction, fantasy and western novels every chance I got. I liked comics, too.

I grew up on a large ranch, about 5,000 acres. We had horses, cattle, chickens, a huge garden and long hours. Summers were hard work—dawn to well after dusk—seven days a week. We raised crops for winter feeding of the cattle, put up huge amounts of prairie hay and did seasonal roundups of our cattle herd. We also processed and packaged our own beef, which made camping out pretty awesome-steaks, anyone?

Organic was a way of life then, not some trendy buzzword used to describe the way things ought to be naturally. I can still remember how much better food tasted then.

I enjoy writing novels, Sci Fi is my chosen genre, but I may do a non-fiction in the future. I enjoy screenwriting, as well-both have advantages. I plan to convert Infiltrator into a screenplay at some point in the future.

Favorite seasons: fall and winter.

Vet: US Army

ED: Master of Science in Management: SNU

People I miss: 

Steve Jobs

Michael Jackson

Donna Summer

Tom Petty