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    A debut novel that pulls no punches in exposing the dangers that alien terrorists pose to Earth—and the courage of the only woman who may be able to stop them. The first chapter introduces a Dreadfon, “the most terrible, and lethal, weapon ever developed,” into the hands of the war-faring race the Drell. The author juggles several plotlines, developing one after another, until they come together as part of a whole picture that poses an immediate threat to Earth. In Kareena, Shannon has created an appealing protagonist whose balance of strengths and vulnerabilities make her a character to root for from the onset. From one blow to the next, her commitment to preserving life, as we know it never wavers, even when it appears she may lose her own.
    Kirkus Discoveries​

    Great Read—I am not a Sci-Fi reader as a general rule. I was immediately caught up with the characters—I felt like I was there. The descriptive ability of the author was fantastic.
    S. L. Massaro

    There’s no fault here—I enjoyed the book and got deeply interested in the characters.
    Now, this is true Science fiction.
    Richard Todd

    I loved it!!—First I have to say that I was never a fan of science fiction—I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put the book down. The characters are very diverse and Kareena takes no nonsense from no one.
    Anahi Lewis

    Exciting and Insightful—The novel had several story lines going at one time—the depth of the characters and their evolution within the story was fascinating. D.E. Shannon has created a very real world for them to interact and live in. I became very attached to the central figures and hope to see them again.
    Lynn Vittengl